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If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and need a skilled personal injury attorney to fight for what you deserve, consider the legal services provided by Donald A. Woodbine. Attorney Woodbine prides himself in providing personal attention to every case to help address any questions you have following your injury. His goal is to build a strong case so that you can settle your personal injury claim.

Our Strategy

We’re proud to offer top-notch legal services in Rhode Island! You’ll never feel like the lawyers are just “robbers in suits”. With us, your chances of winning are as high as they can be! We have extensive experience handling real-world cases in real-world court-rooms.


Cases We Handle

We are devoted to providing professional legal services on a reasonable contingency-fee basis and offering over thirty years’ worth of court-room experience in all types of civil cases.


Do I Have A case?

We can provide qualified and experienced legal services to you upon short notice for almost any civil court appearance.


Why Choose Us?

We will handle arbitrations, depositions, inspections, trials and any legal materials you may need. We are experienced in all areas of civil litigation.

Meet Your Attorney

Attorney Woodbine started working in Rhode Island as a civil trial attorney, spending his first nine years defending insurance companies. His experience in insurance defense has given him the advantage of thoroughly understanding how to negotiate with insurance adjusters. He is now a solo practitioner who represents civil claimants and plaintiffs exclusively. He has settled, arbitrated and tried hundreds of civil matters, with excellent results. He pays personal attention to every case and will work with you by investigating your accident, collecting evidence, negotiating with insurance companies and filing a lawsuit if needed. You need to be able to focus on your recovery and not have to worry about receiving the compensation that you need.

Donald Woodbine

" I was in a bad accident about four years ago. I actually needed to undergo surgery as a result, and although it was a difficult process, Mr. Woodbine handled every aspect of it very well. I was also denied by the insurance company involved, and just before the whole thing went to trial, Mr. Woodbine got me an excellent settlement which I was very happy with." -Michelle

John Smith

Award-winning lawyer. He helped many companies to save their assets during crisis.

John Smith

Award-winning lawyer. He helped many companies to save their assets during crisis.

Satisfied Client Stories

"I've been going to Don for years, and he has been extremely helpful every time. He just handled a probate matter for my wife and I, even though I know he doesn't usually do that. Thanks again."


"I found Attorney Woodbine both affable and at the same time very knowledgeable. Our subject matter involved the interaction between Medicare Recovery and Personal Injury Loss."

James V. Solis, Esq.

"My case was referred through another attorney (who I won't name). Donald handled it so well from start to finish. Would recommend any day."


Attorney Woodbine handled my auto/ injury case. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of my case. Thanks to Attorney Woodbine, I was extremely satisfied with the amount which allowed me to pay my bills, as well as time to recuperate appropriately. He is a kind and empathetic man."

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